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New HFO1234yf refrigerant

Over the next few years car manufacturers are being forced to change the refrigerant used in car air conditioning systems. The EU has decided that the refrigerant used over the last 20 years is less environmentally friendly than HFO1234 yf, which has a global warming potential of 4, compared to 1300 for R134a, and has a life span of 11 days compared with 13 years for R134a if released into the atmosphere.

Re-designed cars and all new cars from 2017 must use the new refrigerant, however most car manufacturers have been using the new refrigerant since the beginning of 2014. The refrigerant is mildly flammable and it may be necessary to have it removed even if the system is not damaged e.g. before going into a low bake oven for spraying.

AC Autoworks are the first R1234yf specialists in the area. We are fully skilled and equipped to work on any vehicle, either in our own workshop or mobile.

The price for the new refrigerant will be considerably higher than R134a. Because of the high cost of the refrigerant and the varying amounts used in different makes/ model of car we will initially be quoting each recharge individually.

Because of the higher refrigerant costs we will also insist on a nitrogen pressure leak test before recharging.