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Odour Elimination

When the A/C system is not used for a long period of time ie, winter, the system is ripe for bacteria to grow, so when the system is switched on in the spring or summer it can emit unpleasant odours from the build up of bacteria formed on the evaporator.  AC autoworks advise that you run the system in the winter period to stop this build up of bacteria on the evaporator.

On inspection of the ventilation system, the pollen filter is checked, the system is then run to check for bacteria odours, electrical burning smells or cigarette smoke. If the bacteria odour is smelt the evaporator needs cleaning. The bacterial and fungicidal cleaner incorporating disinfectant is sprayed onto the evaporator unit directly and is left for 20 mins to penetrate and clean the surface area of the unit. The system is then run for 10 mins to dry the evaporator and check for smells.bacteria - acautoworks gets rid of it