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Recharging Refrigerant

Our standard recharge includes:

  • Check system standing and running pressures
  • Degas and measure amount recovered from system
  • Visually check system including:
          Compressor condition for security and seizure, drive belt condition
          Condenser condition is clean and dry. Condenser fan operating
          Evaporator condition for leaks and cleanliness.
          Check condition of pollen filter (if fitted).
          Check water condensation drain tube is clean and free
          Check all hoses and pipes, electrical wiring and switches
  • Pressure test system using OFN (oxygen free nitrogen)
  • Evacuate system of air and moisture
  • Charge system with correct type & amount of refrigerant,
    add dye and correct type of pag or ester oil
  • Check running pressures, check condenser fan operation and
    vent temperatures inside vehicle
  • Finally leak check system using electronic leak detector